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about usWelcome to Crawlers!

The Crawlers collection features our trademark pants, which have padding and fun designs on the knees to cushion your little crawler as he or she begins to explore an ever widening world.

While watching a friend’s baby crawl in 2004, I noticed her little knees were red and sore after learning to crawl around on hardwood floors.  As simple as it sounds, this is how Crawlers was born.  After scouring the web and many retail stores, I was surprised to find out that there wasn't anything in the infant marketplace to protect precious baby’s knees as they learned to crawl.

I went to the best seamstress in town (my mother) to begin working on prototypes.  After several babies were outfitted with our test pants, we came up with the best possible design and the right amount of padding.  Crawlers is the only company with our patent pending unique designs.  We currently have three different Crawlers pants manufactured:  Ducky's, Doggy's, and Froggy’s.  All have ultrasoft, matching onesies.  Our collection also features our Heirloom Dresses, which are    "one of a kind" handmade dresses. We also carry our dotted swiss dresses in various styles and luxurious blankets.

I am eternally grateful to my Mother who's "old school" sewing created high standards from the very beginning.  Quality clothes with excellent customer service is our goal.

We hope that you enjoy your experience with Crawlers.

Warmest Regards,
Kristi Clark



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